Webasto SOD AC Next 11 kW s Type 2 kabelom od 4.5m, WLAN, bez postolja

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Plaćanjem gotovinom (uplata na račun) ili plaćanjem prilikom preuzimanja ostvarujete popust od 10% koji se automatski obračunava na stranici naplate.
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– Scalable charging power up to 11 kW
– Digital management of the charging stations via portal and app with the Webasto backend solution Webasto ChargeConnect
– Always online thanks to 24/7 real-time transmission of the wallbox data to Webasto ChargeConnect
– Authentification at the charging station using Scan & Charge with the Webasto ChargeConnect App
– Energy management system (EMS) integration via Modbus TCP
– Local dynamic load management (stand-alone)
* Automatically available from Q2 2022 through an over-the-air update
– Integrated meter module for energy consumption monitoring and reporting
– Clever product design with cable suspension and plug socket
– Cost savings for installation thanks to integrated DC residual current protection
– Remotely addressable by the grid operator via ripple control recei-ver to ensure grid stability
– User friendly configuration using Wi-Fi hotspot and
– Webasto Charger Setup App for installers

Technical specifications
– Nominal current (configurable connected load values):
* 16A or 32A
* Single phase or 3-phase
* The charging station is configurable in 1A steps
– Line voltage: 230/400V AC
– Grid frequency: 50 Hz
– Grid forms:
* TN / TT (single phase and 3-phase)
* IT (only single phase)
* Splitphase (L1+L2, without N)
– EMV class:
* Emitted interference: Class B (residential, business, commercial areas)
* Immunity: Industrial areas
– Overvoltage category: III as per EN 60664
– Protection class: I
– Necessary protective equipment: Residual current circuit breaker RCD type A and miniature circuit breakers must be provided on the installation side
– Integrated protective equipment: DC residual current protection
– Phase rotation: Automatic false phase-sequence detection

– Mounting: Wall and pole mounting (permanently connected)
– Cable feed: Mounted on-wall or in-wall
– Connection cross-section (wire dimension): Cross-section of the connecting cable (Cu) taking into account the local conditions and norms: 6 or 10 mm2 for 16 A and 10 mm2 for 32 A
– Charging cable:
* Type 2 charging cable: up to 32 A / 400 VAC as per EN 62196-1 and EN 62196-2
* Length: 4.5 m – Integrated cable suspension and plug socket
– Output voltage: 230 / 400V AC
– Max. charging capacity: 11 kW

– Authentication:
* "Scan & Charge" via QR code
* Webasto ChargeConnect Portal
* Webasto ChargeConnect App
– Display: RGB-LEDs, buzzer
– Network interfaces :
* LAN (RJ45) – 10 / 100 Base-TX
* WLAN 802.11b/g – 54 Mbit/s
* WLAN Hotspot
– Communication protocols: OCPP 1.6 J (OCPP 2.0 ready), Modbus TCP
– External interfaces:
* Addressable via ripple control receiver through dry contacts
* Integration into Energy Management Systems (EMS)
– Local load management: Dynamic (stand-alone) by integration of an external smart meter
* Automatically available from Q2 2022 through an over-the-air update

– Dimensions (W×H×D): 225×447×116 mm
– Weight: 4.6 kg
– IP protection class, device: IP54
– Protection against mechanical impact: IK08

– Installation site: No direct solar radiation
– Operating temperature range: -30C to 55C
– Temperature behavior A reduction in charging current or shutdown may occur in order to prevent the charging station overheating
– Storage temperature range: -30C to +80C
– Permissible relative humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
– Altitude: Max. 3.000m above sea level

– Standards and guidelines:
* CE conformity
* 2014/53/EU Radio Equipment Directive
* 2011/65/EU RoHS Directive
* 2001/95/EG General Product Safety
* 2012/19/EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive
* 1907/2006 REACH Regulation
– Backend integration: Webasto ChargeConnect, 3rd party backend integration via Weabasto ChargeConnect in preparation
– Tested compatible energymanagement systems (EMS): Integration into various energy management systems (EMS) in preparation

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